To be a catalyst for church renewal in Canada and beyond
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Set Free! Retreat - At the Cross
Set Free! Retreat - Pastor Ray Leading
Prayer Summit - Praying over Church Leaders
Prayer Summit - Praying over Church Leaders
Set Free! Retreat - Prayer Groups
Southland Church - Weekend Service

About Church Renewal

The vision of Church Renewal is to be a catalyst for church renewal in Canada and beyond.
This is a lofty vision but one for which God has given clear and simple direction and strategies. Through Church Renewal, Lead Pastor Ray and Fran Duerksen from
Southland Church are working with pastors across Canada to bring renewal to the Canadian Church. As a result we are seeing lives and churches literally transformed! 

If you are a church leader, we would love to have you join us at one of our next Church Renewal Weekends!

Church Renewal Weekends

Several times per year Southland Church hosts Church Renewal Weekends where church leaders experience and observe, first-hand, renewal principles at work.

Next Church Renewal Weekend: May 22-25, 2015

Upcoming Weekends:

October 23 – 26, 2015 

January 29-Feb 1, 2016

Registration for these weekends will be posted immediately following the completion of the preceding Church Renewal Weekend.

Church Renewal Weekend begins Friday evening and ends Monday at lunch, includes the Set Free! Retreat, Weekend services, Introduction to Church Renewal Seminar, Prayer Summit, and Intro to Hearing God Seminar.

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"I grew up in the church and would have told you I knew who God was quite confidently. But, the truth was that a lot of who I thought God was came from lies I believed based on things that happened in my life. Beginning at the Encounter God retreat and in the weeks since, God has been showing who He really is. I didn’t really know who God was, but I’m definitely loving the God I’m beginning to know that he is!"

- Willow Park Church- Encounter God Retreat

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